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  • Research Sufficiency Diploma. 2007. Complutense University, Spain. Supervisor: Jaime Potti.

  • Bs.C Biological Sciences. 2004. University of Alcalá, Spain

  • Undergraduate thesis. 2003. Uppsala University, Sweden. Supervisor: Göran Arnqvist.

Fellowships and awarded projects as lead researcher

  • R&D Knowledge Generation Projects 2022.  Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (MCIN) & State Research Agency (AEI)

  • Talent Attraction fellowship. 2022. Autonomous Community of Madrid (CAM) - Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Spain.

  • International Science and Technology Cooperation Project (TéT). Ministry for Innovation and Technology. Hungary.

  • Scientific and Technological Research Projects (PICT) of CONICET. Argentina

  • MTA Premium Postdoctoral Research program. 2020. Institute of Ecology and Botany, MTA Centre for Ecological Research, Vácrátót, Hungary

  • CONICET Postdoctoral fellowship. 2018. Center for the Study and Conservation of Birds of Prey in Argentina (CECARA). La Pampa, Argentina

  • MINECO Fellowship for short-term stays. 2007. Spanish Ministry of Education and Science

  • I3P-BDP pre-doctoral fellowship (MINECO-CSIC).  2006 Spanish Ministry of Education and Science

  • Research Student fellowship. University of Alcalá, Spain. 2002. Spanish Ministry of Education and Science

Intellectual Property registries

  • Ferrer M, Canal D, de Lucas M, Escalera MA, Quesada R, Alarcon F, Viguria A. 2015. Software for the automatic detection, location and characterization of pylons according to their risk for birds. Reference number of deposit: 2671, pages: CQ2258339-42.

  • Ferrer M, Canal D, de Lucas M, Escalera MA, Quesada R, Alarcon F, Viguria A. 2015. Software for the automatic animal detection and counting using aerial photos collected by UAS. Reference number of deposit: 2670, pages: CQ2258347-50


PhD students
  • Fabre F . 2023-Ongoing. "Comparative analysis of the ecology and behaviour of the chimango (Milvago chimango) in anthropised environments.". Supervisors: José H. Sarasola, David Canal


  • Mollá Cabrera I. ongoing. "Does overlapping breeding and moulting have reproductive costs for a migratory bird?".

  • Nieto Setién L. ongoing. "Moulting and reproductive overlap in relation to environmental conditions in a climate change context".

  • García del Castillo Garrido M.E. ongoing. "Ageing trajectories and senescence of multiple plumage ornaments in a passerine, Ficedula hypoleuca".

  • Camacho Rodríguez C. 2022-2023. "Social and extra-pair mating in relation to major histocompatibility complex (MHC) composition in pied flycatchers".

  • Parshin D. 2021-2022. "Does variation in environmental conditions influence host-parasite interactions and host fitness?".

  • Lara Rodríguez A. 2020-2021. "MHC supertypes affect survival and lifetime reproductive success in a population of pied flycatchers".

  • Sianes Castillo P. 2020-2021. "The role of dispersal in the long-term trajectory and selection pattern of a secondary sexual trait in pied flycatchers".

  • Morales Mata J.I. 2019-2020. "Patterns of selection on the dorsal coloration of male pied flycatchers".

  • Fernandez Diaz P. 2016-2017.  "Survival costs of polygyny in the pied flycatcher".

  • García Dominguez R. 2016-2017. "Female ornamentation and male mate choice in the collared flycather".

  • Manzano Baraza J. 2014-2015. "Spatio-temporal causes of polygamy in the pied flycatcher".


Master students

  • Jerez Gutiérrez C. 2022-2023. "Effects of the presence and abundance of nest ectoparasites on the fitness of the pied flycatcher"

  • Montávez Pérez A. 2021-2022. "Trends in Iberian hare (Lepus granatensis) in Spain"

  • María Cobos García A. 2021-2022. "Analysis of habitat selection by wild rabbits in intensive agricultural areas"

  • Pardo López S. 2021-2022. "Effects of avian malaria infection on the fitness of the pied flycatcher"

  • Camacho Rodríguez C. 2020-2021. "Does sex, age or breeding habitat influence avian malaria infection in pied flycatchers?"

  • Triviño Alberca J.S. 2020-2021. "Influence of environmental conditions on the prevalence and abundance of ectoparasites in pied flycatchers: a long-term study"

  • Serrano Rodríguez J.J. 2020-2021. "Can rabbit translocations affect the size of their home ranges?"

  • d’Arán Segovia Trufero M. 2020-2021. "Can supplementary feeding favor the success of wild rabbit translocations?"

Undergraduate students

Research Stays

  • Center for the Study and Conservation of Birds of Prey in Argentina (CECARA). La Pampa, Argentina. 2010

  • Institute for Game and Wildlife Research (IREC). Ciudad Real, Spain. 2007

Associated Editor:

  • IBIS (international Journal of avian science). 2021- Ongoing

  • Animal Biodiversity and Conservation. 2020 - Ongoing

  • El Hornero. 2020 - Ongoing

Updated Feb 2023

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